GötaFilm AB (est.1988) is one of the leading independent production companies in Scandinavia and acts as a creator, producer and co-producer of feature films, documentaries and TV-series. The company focuses on developing, financing and producing high quality drama and has a track record of both award winning and commercially successful films and TV-series. Since its foundation, GötaFilm has produced more than 20 features, 30 hours of TV-drama, 10 documentaries and 20 shorts.

The company has long experience of international co-productions. We have co-produced films and TV- series with Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK, Germany, France, Holland and Italy. Amongst our public financial supporters/investors are all the Nordic Filminstitutes and Nordic Film & TV Fund; Regional Funds like Film i Väst, Filmpool Nord, Film Fyn, Berlin-Brandenburg and Hamburg; TV-stations like SVT, TV4, Kanal 5, Canal+, DR, NRK, YLE, ZDF, ARTE, AVRO etc.
Our films are represented by Non-Stop, Trust, Nordisk Film, SF and SVT-sales.

GötaFilm also acts as line producer for international films wanting to shoot our do post production in the west parts of Sweden (the Film i Väst-region).

Productions from GötaFilm has been screened on film festivals all over the world and has received a number of awards both national and international.




ETTOR OCH NOLLOR/THE FAT & THE ANGRY (dir Johan Renck) opened at Gothenburg Film Festival and in Swedish Television SVT in February 2014 (2 x 90 min).
Documentary VUXEN/GROWN UPS will premiere in Swedish Television SVT March 20.

The KLYFTAN project aims to create meetings between scientists, journalists, writers, directors etc, to develop new creative stories primarily for television, film, radio, literature and theater about the the increasing inequality in our contemporary society. KLYFTAN was initiated by GötaFilm and Folkteatern, in collaboration with Film i Väst, The University of Gothenburg and Swedish Television SVT.

GötaFilm also has several new and exciting projects in development; POJKARNA/BOYS, based on Jessica
Schiefauer´s novel, with scriptwriter and director Alexandra-Therese Keining. POTENSGIVARNA/POTENCY GIVERS, based on Karin Brunk Holmqvist novel, with director Lena Koppel and the feature TALANGEN/THE TALENT by director and script writer Nicolas Kolovos.

GötaFilm International co-produce EVERY THING WILL BE FINE (Neue Road Movies, dir Wim Wenders), FEVER AT DAWN (Tivoli Films, dir Péter Gárdos), OUR SUN (Bastide Films, dir Joost van Ginkel) and SILENT KNOWLEDGE (Periferia Productions, dir Saara Cantell).



ETTOR OCH NOLLOR/THE FAT & THE ANGRY - a stunning heist-movie that will set a new standard for Swedish crime. Script by Oscar Söderlund, directed by world-renowned and highly acclaimed Swedish director Johan Renck. Shoot in Gothenburg during spring

The KLYFTAN project was initiated by GötaFilm and Folkteatern (more info above).



BASTIAN is a fictional web series (14 ep.) and a music and documentary project about finding your identity and about the yearning for meaning and coherence in a time of blurred borders, infinite choices and anxiety. During summer a small crew travelled around Europe to film, make music and meet people. The series premiered on SVT Play in November. Written and directed by Roozbeh Behtaji.

PORSCHE, a comedy short written and directed by Nicolas Kolovos, was shot in September. Premiere in spring 2013.



I MISS YOU (Jag saknar dig) premiered on Göteborg International Film Festival and won the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film - Audience choice. In March the film also received the Young People´s Jury´s award on BUFF - the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö.
Both I MISS YOU (Jag saknar dig) and SIMON AND THE OAKS (Simon och ekarna) opened in the cinemas during the year, distributed by Nordisk Film.



The feature SIMON AND THE OAKS (Simon och ekarna) was shoot in Sweden and Germany with Lisa Ohlin as director. The script is written by Marni Blok and based on Marianne Fredriksson´s best selling novel. The film is a co-production between GötaFilm and AstaFilm/Denmark, Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv/Germany and Filmkameratene/Norway.

The new episodes of SALTÖN was shown in Swedish Television during the winter and was once again appreciated by a big audience. COFFEE IN GDANSK competed in Göteborg International Film Festival.



During the summer four new episodes of SALTÖN was shot with Lena Koppel as new director.
The feature film I MISS YOU (Jag saknar dig), written and directed by Anders Grönros, was co-produced with Garagefilm, Filmpool Nord and Kinoproduction OY/Finland. The script is based on the youth novel ”Jag saknar dig, Jag saknar dig” by Peter Pohl och Kinna Gieth.
Short film COFFEE IN GDANSK was shot in Poland with director Per-Anders Ring.
MARIA LARSSON´S EVERLASTING MOMENTS (Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick) was nominated for a Golden Globe and won five of awards at the national Swedish film awards Guldbaggen, among them Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress.



MARIA LARSSON´S EVERLASTING MOMENTS (Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick) was Sweden’s choice for the foreign language Oscar, selected for Toronto Master Class and won Best Actress Award and Best Cinematography at Valladolid Film Festival in Spain. TV series HOW SOON IS NOW!? (Upp Till Kamp) won
Prix Italia 2008, FIPA D'OR Grand Prize 2008, Prix Circom Regional 2008,
EBU 2008 (For the most creative and innovative Drama-series 2007).
Shortfilm CAN´T COMPLAIN (Synd att klaga) competed in Göteborg Int Film Festival and shortfilm I AM GAY (Jag är bög) was shown in Swedish Television and in film festivals all around the world.



MARIA LARSSON´S EVERLASTING MOMENTS (Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick), written by Niklas Rådström and directed by Jan Troell, was shot during summer. The feature was a co-production with Final Cut/Denmark and Motlys/Norway. SALTÖN II och HOW SOON IS NOW!? (Upp Till Kamp) aired on Swedish Television. SALTÖN II was a huge success and HOW SOON IS NOW!? got fantastic reviews. CIAO BELLA competed in Berlinale, Generation 14+ och First Feature Award and was selected for Karlovy Vary.



GötaFilm produced UPP TILL KAMP (How soon is now!?), in co-production with Swedish Television and Film i Väst, an epic TV drama (four episodes) about love, rebellion and growing up in an age when all is possible. CIAO BELLA , a humorous feature about teenage love during the world's biggest football tournament, the Gothia Cup, was produced together with Sandrew Metronome and Film i Väst.
GötaFilm also produced four more episodes of SALTÖN, dramatized and directed by Carin Mannheimer. The feature OFFSIDE, written by Oskar Söderlund and directed by Mårten Klingberg, was theatrically released in August with great success.



GötaFilm produced the comedy OFFSIDE in association with MTV Mastiff, Sandrew Metronome, Svedish Television and Film i Väst with the support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordic Film & TV Fund. The documentary REPETITIONER (Rehearsals) participated in the Joris Ivens Competition at IDFA, won the It's All True 2005 Award for Best International Documentary (Brazil) and was shown at YIDFF in Japan. The 5-hour TV-series SALTÖN was a great success and took 30% of the Swedish viewers.



GötaFilm produced SALTÖN in co-production with Swedish Television and Film i Väst. The series is based on Viveca Lärn's novels and have been dramatized and directed by Carin Mannheimer. The final version of the documentary REPETITIONER (Rehearsals) by Michal Leszczylowski and Gunnar Källström was theatrically released. GötaFilm also co-produced the feature GAME OVER with KinoFinlandia/Finland, Film i Väst and Globe Film/UK. SOLISTERNA (The Soloists) won PRIX EUROPA Television Programme of the Year 2004 – TV Fiction. DETALJER (Details) won the national award "Guldbaggen" for best male actor.



  • SOLISTERNA (The Soloists) written by Åsa Lantz and directed by Geir Hansteen Jörgensen, a drama series in three parts for Swedish Television.
  • SMALA SUSSIE (Slim Susie), a gangster-comedy by Ulf Malmros
  • DETALJER (Details), based on a stage play by Lars Norén and directed by Kristian Petri, had theatrical release.


  • DETALJER (Details) a Swedish/Danish/English/Italian co-production.
  • VIRUS IN PARADISE co-produced with Cipango/France, Film i Väst, CNC/France and others. A French mini-series (2 x 90´) for France 2 and SVT/Sweden.
  • SMALA SUSSIE (Slim Susie) a gangster-comedy by Ulf Malmros.
  • BÄST I SVERIGE (We can be heroes), was released in cinemas.


  • GÖTEBORGSDRAMAT, a joint venture, is formed together with MTV Mastiff; a first look-deal is formed with Sandrew/Metronome International.
  • DET NYA LANDET (The New Country) received a number of International prices, took part in more than 100 festivals during 2001-2002 and won the Ecumenic Price at Berlin Film Festival and the FIPA D'OR Grand Prize. A feature was released for an international market.
  • THREE DAYS IN EUROPE, a documentary for TV about the EU-Summit in Gothenburg in June 2001.
  • BÄST I SVERIGE (We can be heroes!), a feature by Ulf Malmros and Peter Birro.



  • DET NYA LANDET (The New Country), a four part series for Swedish Television by Peter Birro and Lukas Moodysson, directed by Geir Hansteen Jörgensen. Won the PRIX EUROPA IRIS Multicultural Fiction Television Programme of the Year 2000, Best Nordic Film in Haugesund and a Swedish Guldbagge.
  • OVANLIG VÄNSKAP, a film and a book by Annamaria Dahlöf
  • THE LOVERS OF SAN FERNANDO, an epic documentary by Peter Torbiörnsson
  • REPETITIONER (Rehearsals), documentary by Michal Leszczylowski and Gunnar Källström.


  • SJUKHUSET (The Hospital), 8-part documentary series for TV 4 by Anders Berggren and Carl Javér.
  • HONOUR OF THE HOUSE, feature by Gudny Halldorsdottir, co-production with UmbiFilm/Iceland.


  • ELDSJÄLAR (Driving Forces), 5-part documentary by five directors for Swedish Television.
  • SOMMARSPRÅNG, short film by Boel Amegrissi
  • DRAKRESAN, by Ylva Julén for "Stockholm Cultural Capital of Europe 98".